No Show Policy



$50 Charge For No-Shows

You will be considered a no-show if you miss an appointment and do not notify us in advance.

Payment of the NO-SHOW fee must be made in cash, valid credit card, or verified check before further appointments are allowed.

"CMS (Center for Medicare Services) has now clarified that they will allow physicians and other providers to charge Medicare beneficiaries for missing appointments, provided that they do not discriminate against Medicare patients and also charge non-Medicare patients for missed appointments."

Our follow-up protocols are based on years of experience and provide you with the highest standard of care. Keeping follow-up appointments are an important part of the legal contract that forms between you and the Polley Clinic when you agree to become a patient.

If there is a 20% no-show rate, we must "overbook" by 20%. If everyone shows, the lobby becomes crowded and waiting times and stress levels increase. Please comply with our appointment policy so that we can stay on schedule.

Polley Clinic will make every effort to remind you of your appointment. Please update your home, work, and cellular telephone numbers, and your e-mail address each time you visit, or at any time on our website through your "MY PATIENT PAGE"

You can cancel and reschedule during business hours by calling (800) 243-0566 or anytime on our website using our cancellation form.

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