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Patient education information was created in convenient PDF files for downloading and keeping for future reference or to pass onto a friend, family member, or co-worker. Most Internet browsers have the Adobe Reader installed, if you do not, you can download it from here. Click on the Adobe Reader Icon and follow the instructions. Click here for our Online Library of Medical Conditions.


Acne affects almost everyone and more than 90% of all adolescents, nearly 50% of all adult women and 25% of all adults. Crossing gender lines as well as national borders, it's one of the most widespread medical conditions in the world. Yet there's still no known cure. Learn More»

Skin Infections

The skin is the body's first barrier against bacteria, which cause infection. However, sometimes that first barrier fails. When this occurs treatment and care is required. Hygiene is extremely important in defending infection.


Eczema is an inflammation of the skin which may cause dryness, flakiness, heat, and probably most importantly, itching. Eczema can be caused by a number of different factors, and may result in just a small patch of skin being affected, but can affect skin anywhere on the body. Learn More»


Psoriasis is a common condition affecting the skin. It causes red, scaly patches. In addition it can affect the joints, nails and eyes. Learn More»

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Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic procedures can help even your skin tone, make you appear younger and even add brightness to your face. There are various procedures ranging from Botox to photofacials.

Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer is very common and affects many children, adults and geriatrics. Prevention and detection are the keys against skin cancer. There are four classifications for skin cancer. Melanoma, Basal Cell, Squamous Cell and Actinic Keratosis. Learn More»

Skin Care

Skin care is the most important aspect of dermatology. With skin maintenance and hygiene, some of the most common skin diseases can be minimized and alleviated. Protecting yourself and your family from the skin all year round is extremely crucial.